All our products  are 100% handmade using materials including leather, suede, Huipil (traditional embroidered fabric), organic cotton and recycled plastic, following the highest quality standards, combining Guatemalan traditional materials and fashion.

The cotton used in the design of our bags is dyed using natural ingredients that include berries, tree bark and local plants. It is then hand spun and hand woven with looms, including a backstrap loom - one of the oldest forms of looming.

Every product is a unique handmade piece, with different patterns. Each creation has a powerful meaning. It can tell the story of the weaver or their Mayan ancestors, and every community has different designs. To make just one product can take days, weeks or even months!

The recycled products such as tote handbags and storage baskets are all original designs of Verapaz that have been shared with the artisans, then the design is interpretated and craft-woven by them, using recycled materials.